about gleamer

Gleamer is a new project from the studio of Katie Ford, a mixed media and textile artist based in New York's Hudson River Valley.  Gleamer grows out of the desire to work towards a zero-waste studio practice and an interest in how mended and handmade garments infuse artful care into daily life.  Using the remnants of textiles from her studio work, Katie creates original fabric compositions and incorporates them into quality vintage clothing.  She hopes that the wearers of these garments carry with them a sense of that specificity and care, a warmth that can live on their bodies and not just their walls. She is committed to intentionality, reuse, and one-of-a-kind making.

Email gleamer@katie-ford.com for more info and custom requests.  Details about sizing and order policies available here.

View Katie Ford's studio work here and on Instagram at @_katie.ford_

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